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Not-So-Good Post-High School Raps

by Renniw, Musselz, Just Will

Hear the faux-toughness and clear lack of experience on topics above our power levels on these 3 tracks from Renniw, Musselz and Just Will. I mean, seriously, you came to a crazy wild party just to see girl's underwear? Good God. As a matter of fact, you didn't even specify which gender's underwear you'd like to see. So, you could come in, see the most unruly bunch of like-agéd hump bunnies blasting each other on the kitchen island, go 'meh', head to the bathroom to relieve yourself and see your own underwear, then say, 'Alright, this night just shifted into awesome mode!' It's good you stopped doing whatever this was. Draw your pictures, funny man! Draw your damned pictures...