About Dessert First Network

There are many choices for digital entertainment on the internet. Too many. So what's one more?

Dessert First Network is dedicated to providing quality and distinctive comedy for your discerning taste. From original sketch series to innovative podcasts, we provide a digital emporium of toothsome content for your consumption.

No more dessert puns. Why call it Dessert First then? I'll tell you why.

Our philosophy at Dessert First Network is to skip the frou-frou and get to the good part. Why sit around and choke down yucky, boring vegetables and dry, stupid chicken. It's all a part of the tired, old dance, the monumental journey, the uphill battle that ends with you getting to that rich and delicious confectionery treat at the end of your tumultuous ordeal. Well, consider Dessert First your cool Uncle Dave that serves you ice cream for dinner. We do it because we know that you're worth it and we love you. Also, giving you things is the only way we can get you to like us and we want to show your Mom that we can be responsible and we're getting our life together.

We know you have too many choices when it comes to internet joy, so Dessert First Network thanks you for spending time with us. I think we make a sweet team. Last one.

Dessert First, because... why not?

Stay a while and click a thing.